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Life Alignment
Wellbeing Coach

My name is Tammy Hurst, RN, and the women who come to me have historically set high expectations for themselves but have not made themselves a priority. Their success has been defined or focused on their career or family and yet, they are wanting more. Despite their success, they may lack the insight or awareness to create true joy. They may feel stuck or confused about where to go next. This results in a lackluster life, frustration and a feeling that something is missing. Together in just weeks, I help them discover what is holding them back and give them back the power to begin to create fulfillment in their lives. Happiness is situational. What I want for my clients is joy.

What does this look like for you? 

I don’t know.

Let’s find out.


Health is a state of body.
Wellness is a state of being.


You deserve to thrive in this life with freedom and a vibrant love for yourself that spills out into the world around you.

A Life & Wellness Coach can help you:

  • Clarify your vision and direction for your life

  • Identify and overcome the obstacles and limiting beliefs that hold you back

  • Create and implement a realistic and personalized action plan

  • Develop the skills and habits that support your success and happiness

  • Celebrate your progress and achievements along the way

Working with a Life & Wellness Coach can help you transform your life from the inside out. You can discover your true potential, unleash your creativity, and live with more joy and fulfillment. You can also improve your relationships, health, career, finances, and overall well-being.


Coaching Services

In my 1:1 coaching container, you will be provided a safe space to discuss your current challenges or barriers. We will set goals and you will begin to move forward in your life with purpose, confidence, and intention.  As we dive deeper into the process of self discovery, you will create a life that will support an authentic you. Your transformation will morph into a version of your life you didn't think was possible. The end result? Joy.


About me

“I help women shift their perspective so they can live a purposeful life-created by intention- resulting in joy. I do this by walking through their barriers with them to the other side.  Because on the other is so beautiful."


I always wanted to be a nurse. I never considered anything else. I knew I wanted to be in Labor and Delivery and I would likely die there. But after 29 years as a nurse and 27 of those as a Labor and Delivery nurse, I felt frustrated and stuck… Like this undefined feeling was leading me out. I began searching for more. I stumbled onto Nurse Coaching. 


It took one conversation with an experienced Nurse coach to know that I had found what my life was craving. One on one connections helping women live better, feel better and be better. 


My RN career has contributed to the knowledge, expertise and understanding that guides me in Nurse Coaching. I am able to see each person as an individual with experiences and values that make them unique. When we work together, I hold tight to the fact that focusing on that individuality is the foundation for success.

Read the Reviews

I came to Tammy burnt out from work and needing guidance on what to do next with my career. I felt like I was ready to uproot myself and make a drastic change. Tammy's straightforward and attentive approach helped me zero in on what I wanted from my worklife. She is an excellent listener who helped me focus my thoughts and feelings to come to my own conclusions about what I needed. I love that she is also a parent who understands the need for a work/family balance. In just a few sessions she helped me realize I love my job, I truly do, I just need to have more boundaries with my company. Tammy was able to take my rambling ideas and efficiently synthesize the pros/cons of my career and how I can make simple changes to be happy again. Tammy truly has a gift in coaching, it is evident right away when she starts working with you. I am so glad I had this opportunity and I immediately began to feel more satisfied at work after working with her. ~T.R.

Coach Tammy was authentic, neutral and non judgmental as she guided me through ways in which I could bring more balance to my life in general and my daily routine specifically. As a single mother to a young child, I had fallen into a cycle of neglecting self-care, goal-setting and healthy habits. She helped me evaluate my priorities while letting go of the excuses that held me back. Nurse coaches aid one to move Forward rather than evaluate the past. I needed this “homework” between sessions to be held accountable for the work. Coach Tammy professionally recapped what she heard me say after each session in order to stay on track with the set goal. She offered her expertise as a nurse, and happened to provide useful information as a parent, to validate my situation but also encouraged me to imagine what the desired change would “actually look like.” I recommend Tammy to folks who are needing guidance with a career change or advancement, or have a goal in mind. She’s great! ~NS

As a RN for 11+ years, I was at a point in my career where I wanted and needed growth professionally. I had many ideas of paths to take, and Tammy really helped me focus my thoughts, what it is I really want to be doing for many more nursing years to come, and what would make me happy overall as a person and career healthy for my own well-being. I really enjoyed my sessions with Tammy, and I excitedly looked forward to them on our scheduled days. I loved how I could be open, honest, and vulnerable during our time together. It really helped me home in on what I needed to create a better work-life balance, seek opportunities outside of my comfort zone because change can be scary but that’s okay, and I was guided to investigate job opportunities that may be my dream job- and I won’t know unless I give it a try ;) I got some very fantastic laughs in! That’s therapy is done right! Laughing endorphins made our coaching sessions run smoothly and helped me relax into a comfortable environment to be open with my thoughts and goals. And the best part? It was all online, so I didn’t have to stress about commuting- or worst of all- PARKING! I enjoyed having the sessions in my own comfortable space. I've learned that my job/career is only a portion of who I am as a person. I’ve focused so much on my career because I enjoy it, but I’ve also learned that I’m at a point in my life where I need to focus on ME. Tammy has helped me focus on what I want in my personal life and what direction I want to go in my career- and how to allow healthy space between the two separate goals I have in mind. All my coworkers who are burnt-out, overly worked, and tired, want to spread their wings in their nursing career but don’t know how or where to start. All my besties from nursing school have voiced a desire to do something else since we’ve been doing the same jobs for 11+ years. Anyone who feels they overwork themselves and need to learn healthy work/life balance boundaries. Tammy holds you accountable within your own comfort level and helps guide you through steppingstones of progress and praises your accomplishments. She asks all the right questions, listens to what you have to say, incorporates your home/personal life into discussions, and summarizes it so you know she is truly listening to your thoughts, concerns, and ideas. In the follow up summary she sends after each session, it allows time for self-reflection to figure out your own “needs” or “wants” in life and a career- which may guide your next session. If anyone is seeking career growth, I highly recommend Tammy! ~A.E.H

I had the opportunity to have Tammy as my coach. I had so much going on and my life seemed upside down. I had gotten myself into an unhappy place. I reached out to Tammy. I instantly felt like she cared about my well being. We talked for several weeks. Each session I became more aware I was in control. I could make the changes and I could manage my needs and my own life. I learned how to set up boundaries for myself and I became more aware of what my goals and values in life are. I vowed to stick to my values. I miss Tammy and I still want to share with her. She provided me the tools to make my life my own. What I put in the universe comes back to me and the kinder I am to myself the easier life has gotten. Tammy’s presence in my life will be forever and I will forever appreciate the time she gave me and the opportunity to see the value in myself. ~L.S.

Tammy re-entered my life at a very significant time. I had the privilege to meet her many years ago. A couple of months ago when I entered a new phase in my life we coincidentally connected again. I view Tammy as an angel sent to me. Working with her has been nothing but transforming and inspirational. She comes from a genuine place in her soul and is an excellent and compassionate listener. I looked forward to my time with Tammy! Each week after my time with her I was nothing but inspired, energized and motivated. She is a magnificent RN but her calling to be a life coach is truly a gift to others. Tammy helped me navigate this new chapter in my life with much support and encouragement yet challenged me to look deep inside to help me navigate my life for satisfaction and joy, all while validating my feelings in an objective and sensitive manner. She asked me excellent questions for my introspection. This resulted in many “aha” moments (at times with some tears) and these revelations helped me genuinely understand myself which has been key to my self-growth. I appreciate her whole-hearted commitment in helping me navigate a path to achieving my goals. I will definitely be in touch with her in the future. Tammy is a delight and a big ray of sunshine! ~ PG

Before coaching began, the birth of my baby meant that I am going through some major life changes that need to be integrated. I was dealing with uncertainty related to my husband's job and therefore my own financial stability. Additionally, I was feeling uncertain about my own professional future and whether it makes sense to put my kid in daycare and go back to work or stay at home and raise him full time. Tammy helped me think through potential futures and what I really want out of this time. Our conversations that were focused on considering what I am doing for my own health and wellness were welcome reminders to take care of myself. Tammy has a very straightforward style that is refreshing and simple. By being a true mirror and drawing out how I feel about situations and then mirroring that back to me both in the post session emails and during our calls this simplicity is able to shine a light on things that are not working in my life. I appreciate Tammy’s non-judgmental but slightly tough-love style. I was able to see inconsistencies in my thought processes. I was able to work through physical items in my apartment that needed to be moved. She also gave me perspective on my family situation and helped me continue to craft the vision of the family that I want to usher into the world. One of the insights that continues to play through my mind is something Tammy observed and reflected to me in a post session email, “You are a patient and attentive mom.” This one sentence has helped me know that I am doing ok even when the baby is crying or something bad happened. It has allowed me to relax into motherhood knowing that this experienced nurse coach lady says I’m doing ok.I will keep this in mind for my women friends who are going through similar life portals. ~L.W.

Before we started working together, I was experiencing confidence issues and after working with Tammy I feel better about myself. I have learned to set goals for myself but also be ok if I don’t meet them 100% of the time. I was able to change the way I think in a way I hadn’t thought of. The accountability was very helpful. I was also able to overcome limiting beliefs. I think in a different way now. I feel better about myself, and it feels good. I feel like I accomplished more with Tammy than I did with my therapist. Through this coaching process, I discovered I had the key, I hold the power to live the life that I want. I recommend coaching with Tammy to anyone who feels stuck. ~ML

When I started working with Tammy, I was at a difficult point in my life. I had left my previous place of employment due to a host of reasons, the biggest ones being my mental health and toxic work culture. At first I was confident about quitting my job without a backup, but as months of unemployment went by, the stress only continued to increase. Tammy helped me navigate not just my emotions and outlook during this difficult time period, but more importantly worked with me by exploring every single path I had not yet considered. Together, we explored every option possible, and even when I thought I had none left, Tammy always shed light on another. Throughout the entire process, Tammy was always candid with her feedback whilst being warm and encouraging. It taught me to be more honest with myself, shed my ego, and to put myself first when it came to exploring new career opportunities. Many times whenever I was hesitant to take a step I considered "risky", Tammy would often counter with "why not", which in turn showed me that discomfort really is an important place for growth. Those "why nots" pushed me to inspired action which led me to my next career opportunity - and I couldn't be happier. Throughout the process, I also learned many new facets about myself, such as that my outlook towards my professional career has many overlays with my personal relationships, and I'm keen on continuing this introspective journey. I would recommend this coaching to anyone who feels "stuck" or wants to change absolutely anything in their life. If I hadn't worked with Tammy, I can't say that I would have gotten to this better place as quickly as I did. ~ND

Before working with Tammy, my kids were off to college, and I was trying to establish a new routine and habits that prioritize my self-care. It turned out that I was not doing such a great job at it. Tammy helped me see that I was not really making myself the priority that I thought I was. Tammy helped me realize that I was making many excuses that were preventing me from meeting my goals. I loved her sweet honesty the best. Since working with Tammy, I have gone to the gym rain or shine and now I realize when I am making excuses. I have learned to ask my husband for more help so I can have more time for my self-care. Thank you, Tammy! ~F.G.

My coaching sessions with Tammy had a great impact on me. Tammy is a natural at engaging in meaningful, rich conversations that often include laughter. She guided our sessions with questions that really challenged me to think deeply about what I wanted to change and achieve. She helped me explore practices and behaviors that would support me be successful on my journey. At the end of each session I was excited to work on my goals and motivated to see changes. In addition to our zoom sessions, she also sent me email recaps that included additional information and resources on the topics we had discussed as well as her words of support and encouragement. I was so impressed by this follow up, it was another layer of reinforcement of education and support for me on my journey to growing and creating positive changes in my life. Tammy is full of knowledge, she is inspiring, positive, passionate and motivating. I would highly recommend coaching with Tammy to anyone interested in making life changes and looking for support in doing so. It was a gift to work with Tammy and I am grateful for the experience. ~D.P.

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